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Mean Deviation: Four Decades Of Progressive Heavy Metal


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Can any prog metal freak(brother) recommend this book or scan a sample or two? My problem for not getting it is that i don't know the style of the author's writting. I mean i prefer reading band's bios or interviews with some photos of their releases(including demos, promos, compilations etc) and a short opinion about them, their style etc. I don't want to read another narrative, especially about how great d.theater is etc etc etc(which is wrong of course :christmas: ). Thanx in advance. :headbanger:




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Jeff Wagner was the editor of Metal Maniacs for a couple of years during the 90s. I haven't read the book but I know he's a total fanboy for stuff like VoiVod, WatchTower, etc., etc. So he'll probably jizz all over them both in this book.

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