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Candy Harlots - Five Wicked Ways DELUXE EDITION


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OK, so the title is misleading, I have no idea if a reissue is in the works but I have noticed that the org press is selling for way more than the avg price listed on HH and that the band played with Aiz Lynch again not that long ago. This is definitely the best sleaze glam CD to come out of Australia and I was lucky enough to pick up some singles a while back from a great Aussie guy here on the board. The bonus tracks on these singles are awesome and when you add in the excellent 'Foreplay' EP which in my mind has better versions of some of the tracks on the final release eg. Danger, you have an awesome 2CD reissue which would strip the lipstick on most of the reissues found these days.


The 2nd CD tracklist could be as follows:


1. Hot Love Child (Danger CDS)

2. The Lady Shakes (Foreplay EP)

3. Backstreet Boys (Foreplay EP)

4. I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Foreplay EP)

5. Danger (Foreplay EP)

6. My Hell (What Are We Fighting For CDS)

7. Get A Life (What Are We Fighting For CDS)

8. The Harlot Shuffle (What Are We Fighting For CDS)

9. Can I Sit Next To You Girl (Sisters Crazy CDS)

10. Pathetic - Harlot Shit Chat (Sisters Crazy CDS)

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I never heard Candy Harlots with the original singer and would love to hear the demos. Apparently they recorded an album in 1989 with him. Got this from his site:









this is the album that was recorded in 1989 and never released, along with the two singles red hot rocket 1988, and danger 1989,and the unreleased single take me or leave me 1990, plus 3 live tracks, which in my opinion are the best live recordings of the band !


line up: mark easton: vocals, tony cardinal: drums, leeno dee: bass, ron barrett: guitar, marc dehugar: guitar,


*phil bowley: guitar


1. red hot rocket

2. when will i know

3. danger

4. wrap 2 arms

5. wildest way

6. she shines

7. love rebel

8. in the movies

9. need your lovin

10. cant we just sleep together

11. hey little girl

12. give it up

13. overnight sensation

14. sex crazy

15. hot dog

16. take me or leave me

17. love struck burning heart

18. open your eyes

19. i want you

20. fantasies

21. shine on

22. crazy bout you*

23. where no one dares*

24. take me or leave me*

25. do you wanna touch (live)

26. i like it both ways (live)

27. im a lover im a slut (live)


Set to be released next month.


Can anyone help me out with the Five Wicked Way demos?

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