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Those of you with young'uns might get a kick out of this: found this odd little children's band via Facebook. Meet THE BOOGERS.








Apparently they're from the Chicago area and they play children's songs in a Ramones style. They describe themselves as "The Anti-Barney" and "The Wiggles' worst nightmare!" :rofl:


I checked out a couple of free MP3s from their site and yeah, this is actually pretty funny stuff with a definite Ramones vibe. They even threw a "Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!" chant into their version of the kiddie classic "Wheels on the Bus" that would've made Joey proud. :lol:


Looks like they have the seal of approval from some folks in the Ramones camp too -- former Ramones manager Monte Melnick is quoted on their site as saying "If the Ramones had ever made a children's album, this is what it would've sounded like. There'll be no stopping the kiddies from hopping after they listen to this music."


The cover to their "LET'S GO!" album was also drawn by John Holmstrom, the "PUNK" Magazine cartoonist who did the cover for the Ramones' ROAD TO RUIN album and the back cover drawing on ROCKET TO RUSSIA.


Way cool! I'm playin' these tunes for my kids tomorrow! :banger:

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