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Randy Rose is Back...

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I'm sure some of the old time Christian metallers here remember Randy Rose, the former Mad at the World member who also released a couple of pretty cool records under his own name in the early 90s (SACRIFICIUM and HEALING being my faves). His albums were very derivative of Danzig but they were still fun listens.


Anyway, Randy's back and working on new stuff, fronting an all new band that features his son and daughter in the lineup (!). Apparently his new album that's in the works should be titled WITCHBURNER.


A couple of new tracks can be found here:


...and on a totally random note, this band photo looks like Adam Lambert hanging out with Jack and Meg White of the White Stripes. :lol:

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dude, thats funny....kind of cool that hes working with his kids....also allan from scaterd few with his new band men as trees walking....his son, daughter, and son in law are in the arrangement....i will check out rose...im a big fan.

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