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Anyone here use Swaptree?

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I was wondering if anyone here uses Swaptree (www.swaptree.com) to trade cds? Looks interesting. I don't see where they charge for trades (like SwapaCD) which sounds too good to be true.





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I do. Swaptree is what lala users were directed to when lala went digital. You could upload your want and have lists. It works pretty well for me. You can trade books, cds , DVDs and games. Alot of the time you are not trading directly with the person you are sending your item to. For example I might get a notice of a trade to accept or reject. I might be sending a book to person A and A is sending a game to B and B is sending a book to C and C is sending a cd from my want list to me(hence swaptree). I never know who the other players are except who I am sending an item to and who is sending an item to me. When you list an item in your have list if direct trades are possible ST will tell you and you can pursue a direct trade if you want to. The only charge is the postage.

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Thanks very much for the info.! I think I'll give it a whirl. I do get some cool cds from SwapaCD, but it's pretty sporadic.

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