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"Horns High: A Pirate Radio Tribute to Ronnie James Dio"

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"Debuting Saturday, May 22, 2010 Pirate Radio be featuring a special feature called "Horns High: A Pirate Radio Tribute to Ronnie James Dio". It'll feature Music from his entire career, Live music, rarities, tributes and more! AND...we went and dragged former Venom Nation Radio Show host Steve-O back to pirate to do the honors (let's face it..nobody does tributes like the Vicar!). It's gonna air three times!


Debut: Saturday, 5/22/10 Time TBD

Replay: Sunday, 5/23/10 - 7PM ET, 4PM PT

Replay: Wed 5/26/10 8pm ET, 5pm PT


The Debut show will be Saturday, May 22, 2010. We're not sure what time it will be yet...that's yet TBD but we wanted to get the word out to you. The debut show will Air 5/22/10 at 6p ET, 3pm PT if there is not a new Brown Sound Radio Show. If there’s a new Brown Sound, the tribute show will air Saturday 5/22 at 8pm ET, 5pm PT, immediately following the Brown Sound. EITHER WAY...Tune in at 6pm ET, 5pm PT either way...We'll rock horns high!There will be a replay in the normal timeslot for Rock and John on Sunday 5/23/10 at 7PM ET, 4PM PT, and a final replay Wednesday, 5/26/10 at 8PM ET, 5PM PT. JOIN US IN PIRATE CHAT IF YOU CAN!!!!"

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