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Iced Earth signs new record deal

Fat Freddy

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Iced Earth has left SPV Records and has re-upped with their "old" label, Century Media Records (kind of odd since as soon as they jumped ship to SPV, all Schaffer did was talk about how much CM sucked...hahaha)... CM will also be releasing Jon's side project, "Sons Of Liberty" as well...


ICED EARTH Signs New Worldwide Deal With CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS - Apr. 28, 2010


U.S. metallers ICED EARTH have signed a new worldwide deal with Century Media Records. This new partnership sees the band rejoining forces with the label that released the legendary albums "The Dark Saga" and "Something Wicked This Way Comes" as well as all of the early ICED EARTH albums. In addition to ICED EARTH, Century Media will also release the recorded output from ICED EARTH mainman Jon Schaffer's SONS OF LIBERTY project.


Antje Lange, managing director of Century Media Records Europe, comments: "We are extremely happy and proud to welcome Jon Schaffer and his bands SONS OF LIBERTY and ICED EARTH back on the label. Schaffer is one of the most talented and charismatic musicians in metal and it is an honor for us as a label to work with him. Despite an already very successful past, we feel that an even bigger success is in the cards for the future."


Schaffer adds: "I am excited about the opportunity to work on SONS OF LIBERTY and ICED EARTH with Century Media. This was the label where my career began and there are many memories, some of them great, some of them not. However, we all grew up and are able to see eye to eye on the mission ahead: making sure my creativity gets the best possible outlet. I am much looking forward to this team delivering the goods and releasing some killer music."


The new SONS OF LIBERTY album, "Brush Fires of The Mind", is set for a July 13 release (one day earlier internationally). Schaffer handles all vocals and instrumentation for SONS OF LIBERTY, but the effort also features guest solos and contributions by legendary producer Jim Morris, ICED EARTH guitarist Troy Seele and world-class bassist Ruben Drake. Born from Schaffer's desire to stimulate curiosity about a pattern of global banking corruption that is undermining the independence of people and their countries, SONS OF LIBERTY aims to spearhead a multi-faceted and peaceful resistance of the tyranny being wrought every day on regular people. Schaffer, in turn, has reverently named his new project after a secret organization comprised of notable United States' patriots that formed in 1765. These patriots worked fervently to expose and resist the tyranny that the colonists were subjected to, which ultimately led to the American Revolution.

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I saw this announcement over at Bmouth and thought that it was strange as well considering how bad they seemed to hate them after leaving. I guess they wised up and decided they needed them. Either way I hope the next disc is good. :headbanger:

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Guess they wised up and realized CM isn't all that bad??


I wouldn't be surprised if their current label (SPV)'s bout with bankruptcy had something to do with IE jumping ship. Maybe with the restructuring going on there, SPV can't afford them anymore.


Either that, or Century Media came crawling to them on their hands and knees begging. "Pleeeeeeze come back, Jon. We haven't signed a band that's sold worth a squirt of piss since you left. I mean, just look at our roster. We signed Iwrestledabearonce, for Christ's sake... We NEED you. We have kids to feed!"

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