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I know Glen started a thread about this band in ''Other Music Styles'', but this band is pure Metal.


If you like melodic Heavy Metal with brilliant players than check them out.




for some reason, the link is not showing up, so I posted the band's Myspace page.

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    • New single 'Live My Dream' from the new album out September 30. Press release: Ready to hit the airwaves with their new album, Norwegian heavy rockers STARGAZER release an appetizer for the record, in the form of the digital single “Live My Dream”. Working both as a statement and as a teaser for the album, “Live My Dream” is a song trailing hot in the classic heavy metal and hard rock genres, but with a clear personal approach, more Scandinavian if you will, which translates into a more melodic and atmospheric sound. ”A song about going far to live your dream”, singer Tore André Helgemo reflects on the song. ”Balancing between life and death, highs and lows, through light and darkness. It’s a hard luck life, anyway you don’t give up. Because you find along this rollercoaster ride, there is something, somewhere, that actually makes sense and gives you renewed energy to carry on. And you can’t give a fuck if anyone tells you this life of yours is insane, because it’s your life”.  _________ After their previous release “The Sky is the Limit”, connoisseurs of the hard rocking world have started noticing Stargazer as one to watch. They received a lot of great reviews all over the western world and were then in late 2019 ready to take on the world for serious touring. Serious touring saw an abrupt end due to Covid for almost every band in 2020-21, Stargazer being one of them. So now, with the new album, plus the unfinished touring of the previous album, Stargazer is stronger than ever and ready to take on the world; coming alive, literally! Following up the success of their sound of “The Sky is The Limit”, the band is ready to take 2023 by the horns and make it their year. The five-piece powerhouse hammers on with Scandinavian vibes that consist of virtuosity and a vintage sound with a modern twist. Firing on all cylinders in combination with the sense of good melodies, great riffs, soloes and songwriting handcraft. With one of rock’s best voices and one of the best blues-based hard rock guitar players around today. All this on top of a rock steady hard groove with killer rock songs, or down to the most tender and heartfelt tunes with emotions worn on their sleeves. The new Stargazer album will be released in the first quarter of 2023 Lineup: Tore André Helgemo – vocals, rhythm guitar William Ernstsen – lead & rhythm guitars Sondre Bjerkset – keybards Jomar Johansen – bass Svend Skogheim – drums  
    • Jeez you yap a lot for a lemming.  Anyway, nice Dan Andrews approved post. Your master would be proud of you.  Never question, just obey. The Cure The Sane way. 
    • Comeback for Bad Sister with the new album 'Where Will You Go' out November 25 through Pride & Joy Music.  facebook.com/badsisterband
    • ... and they shouldn't be on the main site...
    • Wow, you find something to complain about in everything, don't you? What a sad life. The main thing you sook about is ending. Porper responces  "about time" "finally!" "I'm so happy they've finally come to their senses" etc Yet, you still need to wah wah That was a joke right? He will fond something, anything, however small, to complain about that is covid related. Could be some sooking that China still has a quarrantine, or thatJapan has finally opened up, but it took them too long. Of course there are immeasurable things that he will find to hate in and about Australia. He really hates it here, but he just won't leave  
    • Jacob Deraps. The man whom the band is named for.
    • I even appreciate NYOilers celebrity fakes. 
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