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Streets - Crimes In Mind


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I had a CDR album-transfer copy of the "Streets - Crimes In Mind" CD many years ago until I had got the reissue that was put out on CD. I ripped that into the computer and put it in the appropriate folder and until a few days ago, I never noticed that I had 2 of them in there. I looked to check which was the album transfer copy and which was the CD reissue so I could delete one version. When I started to compare tracks to see which was the better version, I noticed that many songs were sounding different. It's like they did 2 takes for most songs and tuned down half a step or something. Both versions sound good, but the production is better on Version 2


Check these out... Opinions?



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Did anyone check these out to compare them?

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This sounds a little like what they did to the Airrace album. The bootleg version on Metal Rendez-vous label seemed slightly slower compared to the original vinyl I had and sounded a little odd, plus the odd drop out here and there. When the Wounded Bird version came out (same label as Streets), it sounded back to normal and the production was clearer. This was confirmed when Rock Candy did their recent version, which is at the right speed aswell(and sounds fantastic). The bootleg versions were probably recorded from Vinyl at a slightly slower speed would be my guess.

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The ver 1 I posted is the one from the Vinyl and ver2 is the Wounded Bird, which seems like it's recorded in a lower tuning.

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