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Indian - S/T


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This one is actually pretty good. A bit bluesy at times with a few cool bluesy guitar ballads. A bit mellow but overall a pretty enjoyable disc and much better than I had expected.




1994, Independent


Kevin Bowe Walton Vocals

Mick Malusa Guitars

Gary Mckay Guitars

Toby Monaghan Bass

Fabian Klancic Drums


1. Brave

2. Stay

3. Running Free

4. Away

5. Fingers In Your Pie

6. Soldiers Song

7. Moon On Brooklyn

8. Indian

9. Bright Lights

10. Wind That Mother

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I just found that Kevin Bowe Walton (Indian's singer) has his own website where you can purchase all of Kevin's solo discs. You can also purchase the first Indian album though it looks like it's a re-issue with new cover art and released under the 'Kevin Walton' solo banner. The original Indian S/T album and the follow-up 'Time' must be quite rare by now. Kevin has a really good voice and based upon both the Indian S/T disc and the samples on the Kevin Walton website, I'm keen to hear more. According to the website, Kevin is in the US at the moment and will be announcing the title of a new solo album when he returns to Australia. It would be great to see him play some shows here at some point.


Check out Kevin's website here


The four albums available on the website are only AU$10 each.



Indian (1994)



Badluck Avenue (1998)



Innuendo (2003)



Bleeding Hearts (2005)



Kevin Walton (2009)

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Very mellow and not very memorable. Nothing grabbed my attention but that being said I can see he has talent. Maybe he can put it all together in the future but nothing on the site was that good.

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