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New Armored Saint Album info and first track posted online!

Dark Star

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Saw this lil bit of info on Blabbermouth and had to share....


ARMORED SAINT: New Album Artwork Unveiled; First Track Posted Online - Jan. 19, 2010


Los Angeles metal veterans ARMORED SAINT will release their new album, "La Raza", on March 16 via Metal Blade Records. The CD was recorded at Burbank, California's Tranzformer Studios, which is owned by Dave Jerdan (ALICE IN CHAINS, JANE'S ADDICTION), who produced ARMORED SAINT's 1991 classic "Symbol of Salvation" and Bryan Carlstrom, who engineered the same album. The band's first new release since 2001's "Nod to the Old School" was produced by bassist Joey Vera and engineered by Carlstrom and his assistant John Nuss.


To complete the package, the band employed photographer Stephanie Cabral and Metal Blade's own Brian Ames. Vera states, "Metal Blade is doing a really cool digipack package for us. We felt like the city of Los Angeles is such a big part of our fabric that we wanted to use that in the design of the artwork. So with the help of our good friend and photographer Stephanie Cabral and Brian Ames from the Metal Blade art department, we came up with a really cool package that represents our band and the music on this record. We also wanted to incorporate a 'green' action by leaving out the plastic CD tray and using recycled paper. The result is a classy and poignant package."


"La Raza" track listing:


01. Loose Cannon

02. Head On

03. Left Hook From Right Field

04. Get Off the Fence

05. Chilled

06. La Raza

07. Black Feet

08. Little Monkey

09. Blues

10. Bandit Country


The song "Left Hook From Right Field" is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.


Vera comments on the unique recording process for "La Raza": "We used nothing but analog gear, most of which was custom-built by Rupert Neve for Bryan Carlstrom. We hit every signal (drum mics, guitars, vocals) with custom or vintage analog gear before recording into Pro Tools. We even used rare vintage amps for most of the guitar overdubs. At mix time, we mixed on an SSL 4000E console and went to a one-inch tape reel (one of only two on the West Coast) for our final masters. Uh…you DO know what tape is, don't you?


"What does this all mean? It means we spit in the ear of the age of the mp3, teenie, tiny ear bud listening culture that has turned its back on what it means to experience music. This record is FAT. We mean, obese! Full-on cardiovascular failure stuff! Old school, baby!"


Vera previously stated about ARMORED SAINT's new LP, "The result is just amazing, and I may be hasty when I say that this may be our best record ever. But all dopes in bands say that right? Well, this time I think it's true and although my reasons may be purely personal, I still deem it truth. The songs are great and it sounds great."


The band's current lineup is the same as the one on 2000's "Revelation" and 1992's "Symbol of Salvation" LPs:


John Bush (vocals)

Jeff Duncan (guitar)

Phil Sandoval (guitar)

Joey Vera (bass)

Gonzo Sandoval (drums)


Check out the new tune on their Myspace page here.... http://www.myspace.com/armoredsaint1


Sounds pretty good to Me!!! :headbanger:

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