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Tall Order


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I'd never heard of these guys before, just stumbled across their MySpace site while looking for something else. Anyway, they're from Australia (not sure what city) and play some pretty cool and catchy rock music. Sound a lot like Motor Ace and a bit like After the Fall. Well worth checking out the songs on their MySpace page - all are good songs. 'With Me' and 'Forever' are probably my favs but 'So Far' and 'Miracle' are also really good.


Can anyone tell me - is this band still active and did they release anything? And what city are they from?


Tall Order's website

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Not too bad. Kinda catchy pop-rock. "Miracle" is my fave on their MySpace page...

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Ok I did some research...they're a Melbourne band. They have a 2006 EP and a 2008 full length album both available on CD Baby. Some pretty decent tracks on the full length album...worth checking out I reckon.




In The Blink Of An Eye (2008)






With Me



Summer Eyes

King Of Yesterday

Passed Out

So Far


In The Blink Of An Eye


Tall Order EP (2006)




Choice For the Weekend


Fallen Star

Another Night Alone


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