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Socratic Methodist

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Does anyone know anything about this band? Used to have it on cassette. Would like to find it on CD, or worst case - some MP3s...


Any help would be appreciated....


Sex & Violence

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    • Grassy ass! Have you bought any of them? Are they good?
    • Alright @Jez, did you know about this one, too? I feel you've been holding out on us. I had never heard of them, but they're Canadian, so that explains it. Why would Canadian radio ever promote good music from Canadian artists? Anyway, Monkey House are a quartet from Toronto, and began as an outlet for songs frontman Don Breithaupt felt didn't suit the artists he was pitching to. Some nice features along the way, too. The lean a little towards Jazz at times, but there's still plenty of Westcoast goodness throughout.  You'll wanna check this out, @Mr.AOR.   Remember the Audio (2022)   
    • Girder records. https://girder-records.com/  
    • As Jezzer mentioned in the Dawn Patrol thread, Phil Martin and Lo van Gorp's main project is Martin & Garp. They released an album last year called Sentimental Fools, and while it's decent enough I hope they would continue on with Dawn Patrol instead. That's not to say this isn't worth your time.     
    • Rock solid AOR without any surprises. Very Toto in places, but some very well written songs. I like Daniel Flores in general, especially on the brilliant Find Me 'Dark Angel' album and the Toby Hitchcock one was good too.  Good album this one and well worth checking out
    • Sounds great to my ears, a couple of fillers, but generally solid songs with some that could  have come straight of Ronnie's 2 excellent solo albums.  A thumbs up from me
    • Mastedon - LOFCAUDIO (Gold Disc Remaster) The Brave - Battle Cries (Remaster) Twenty Twenty - S/T (Remaster) Twenty Twenty - Alterered (Remaster) Halo - S/T (30th Anniversary Remaster) Halo - Heaven Calling Halo - Life Goes On Idle Cure - S/T (Remaster) Idle Cure - Inside Out (Remaster) Idle Cure - 2nd Avenue (Remaster) Idle Cure - Tough Love  (Remaster) Idle Cure - Eclipse (Remaster) Dream Theater - Lost But Not Forgotten Archives: Live In Berlin ZZ Top - RAW Emigrate - The Persistence Of Memory Chicago - Born For This Moment
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