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Retrospect Records New Releases 11-5-09

Retrospect Records

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THE SCORE - The Good , The Bad & The Ugly (1984-1990): For the first time ever on cd meet 80s AOR act 'The Score'. This New Jersey-based band produced some great quality Melodic Rock / AOR that has never been released , until now. This 11 song collection features rich keyboard work interlaced with tasty guitars and unforgettable hooks. From the TOTO-ish 'Standing On This Borderline' to the SURVIVOR-influenced 'Chyna' , there are some very classy tunes on offer here. Very Highly Recommended to fans of: Toto , Survivor , Adrenalin , Fortune , Arrival , The Innocent etc..






ALIAS - Alias (1987): Yes! Finally , for the first time on cd - the official re-issue of this underground classic 80s Melodic Metal release. This almost-forgotten gem should not be confused with the Freddy Curci-led AOR band from 1990. This Alias hailed from Florida and released 2 albums in the 80s , "Metal To Infinity" and this self-titled debut. Features ex-members of Crimson Glory , Kamelot , Surgeon and Tyger Tyger. Digitally Remastered. A very nice addition to the 80s Metal collection!






MICHAEL FURLONG - Use It Or Lose It (1985) + Breakaway (1987): The wait is over! AOR fans have been screaming for a cd release of these two slabs of Melodic Rock for over 20 years and here they are...with bonus tracks!! Michael had earned some success in the mid-80s scoring a major label deal with Atlantic as well as Music For Nations and would go on to front the band Wild Dogs. These 2 cd's showcase some top-notch hook-laden songwriting and classy AOR in the style of Bryan Adams , Tim Feehan , Robert Tepper and even Steve Perry's solo work. Highly Recommended!




CADILLAC BRATZ - Fasten Your Seatbelt (1991) - Here's quite a rare indie release that gets its long overdue re-issue. With prices on eBay soaring over $300 for the original pressing , this is a Hair Metal / Melodic Hard Rock gem that lives up to its hype and is finally affordable to all 80s Rock Fans. Now with new art and digitally remastered.





LICKITY SPLIT - Stick It In (1989) - Another treasure dug up by Retrospect Records and first time ever on cd for the enigmatic L.A. Sunset-Strip based 80s Hair Metal / Glam act LICKITY SPLIT. Headlining clubs like the Troubadour , the Whiskey , Gazzarri's and The Roxy alongside bands like Guns n Roses , Tuff and LA Guns , LICKITY SPLIT was a band that unfortunately slipped thru the cracks. Now they have been resurrected and this is an impressive slice of 80s Hard Rock. Lickity Split re-united for Rocklahoma 2009 and won over a legion of new fans. Great stuff!






ONTRAY - C'mon Taste It (1988) - A sadly overlooked and underrated Melodic Hard Rock CD from this Michigan-based band originally released in 1988 finally gets a facelift and digitally remastered audio!! This is true 80's commercial rock with one foot in Glam and the other in AOR -- with hooks galore, plenty of big harmony vocals and smokin' guitar work, this once elusive CD deserves a spot in any rock music collection!!


THRESHOLD - Midnight Dreamer (1993) - Awesome Washington-based Melodic Progressive Metal band featuring virtuoso guitarist/vocalist Kicho Forrest before forming the more recent ATOMIC CLOCK. Originally released in 1993 and now digitally remastered. Laden with a powerful rhythm section, monsterous riffs, impressive guitar / keyboard interplay, melodic vocals and strong memorable songs -- this release comes highly recommended to fans of the best in prog metal and melodic metal bands!!


FASCINATION - Fascination (1995) - Killer Florida-based melodic hard rock / metal band’s only album, originally released in 1995 and impossible to find for many years finally gets a well-deserved re-issue. An excellent powerful 'transitional' CD where you will hear a superb blend of 80's and early to mid 90's hard rock and metal. Gritty melodic soaring vocals, tons of vocal harmonies, crunchy guitars and a meaty rhythm section combined with strong songwriting and a big production make this a release well worth checking out!!


MONTREAL - Montreal (1987) - This mega rare vinyl-only release FINALLY sees light of day on CD for the first time ever! This New Jersey-based band recorded this indie gem in 1987 and is a beacon for pure 80's melodic hard rock / AOR!! These songs were criminally overlooked by the majors and we could only imagine what COULD have happened with these guys! Check out the solid songwriting, catchy hooks, big vocals and ripping guitar work! This is certainly a treasure that will shine in your collection! Highly recommended to all fans of quality 80's melodic hard rock and AOR.


DAVID - III (2006) - Silver-pressed re-issue of David Mikeal's (guitarist / vocalist formerly of early 80's cult AOR band MPG, and currently in TIN HOUSE) most recent solo album and arguably the best in his catalog. David pretty much recorded this entire CD himself in his Winter Park studio in Florida. The songs are stellar; a melodic feast of huge vocals, anthemic hooks, superb musicianship and big warm production reminiscent of all your favorite arena bands of the 70's and 80's. David's brand of melodic hard rock mixed with classic AOR and pomp rock stylings truly showcases his masterful songwriting, fiery guitar playing and strong vocals which clearly show his love for classic arena rock!! Highly recommended!!


ZIGGURAT - Melodic Scandal:The Complete Ziggurat (1979/1982) - Here they are - both of Ziggurat's obscure and collectible vinyl albums "Ziggurat" (1979) and "Melodic Scandal" (1982) both released on a single CD for the first time ever!! This excellent Atlanta-based bands' highly acclaimed albums have been sought after for many years garnering many great reviews among top AOR collectors. Their classic arena rock sound mixed with dashes of southern rock and pomp rock lends to an aural feast of tasty keyboard / guitar interplay, lots of vocal harmonies, rich production and memorable songs. They impressed so much from the first album that their second release was produced by the legendary Eddie Offord with some musical arrangement help from none other than Steve Morse. Essential to any 70's and 80's melodic rock / AOR collection. Digitally Remastered.


INNER STRENGTH - Shallow Reflections (1993) - Originally released in 1993 to much acclaim (especially in Europe) this superb powerful melodic prog metal band from NY features guitar virtuoso Joe Marselle (Sonic Revolution, Arioch) and the monster pipes of Scott Oliva (of Oceans Of Night, Wind Wraith, Scott Mosher, Last Vision Black). Joe Marselle has painstakingly remixed and remastered all these recordings resulting in a crystal clear punchy powerhouse kick-in-the-nuts!! Also included are the "Within The Dream" sessions where Scott Oliva went in recently to re-record vocals on one of the tracks and he sounds better than ever! From the blistering guitar work, the endless barrage of meaty riffs, melodic vocals, and phenomenal rhythm section, this is a CD that will be in regular rotation in your CD player! These guys have been compared to Dyoxen, Psychotic Waltz an d even Watchtower and of course Queensryche and Fates Warning.


Lots more to come including Solus Rex (featuring members of Enuff Z'Nuff , Mariah and my brother and I) + Pandemonium (triple release) , DC Star (2 cd's) , Masquerade , Lynzee (3 cd's) , Mars , Wild Dove featuring Tipa Sparrs of Whitefoxx and Karl Logan of Manowar , Foxy Foxy , Megaton Blonde , Vamp Le Stat , NE4 , St Elmo's Fire (4 cd's!) , Megattack , Gotham , XX Bad Boy , Medusa and a host of others.


Please keep in touch with us at RETROSPECT RECORDS


Thanks for supporting the world's largest 80s Rock re-issue label!!

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