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Green Eyed Stare - 'Sight to behold'


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This one might be worth checking out for a few chumps here. Again, looks like they're only available on Itunes, and if the download I have is at a good bitrate, I dare say the production may not be that great... but this one is about on par with American Radio, imo.


Don't be fooled by the heavy looking myspace page and album cover as these guys are no strangers to a few ballads and very pussy-whipped lyrics. But they're not bad. Some good stuff on this disc. Check them out here:



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Not bad. Talented band that needs to rock out a little more. They seem to have the chops to do it.

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Yeah, there were good tunes on this. The tunes I downloaded were very simply produced, though, and I wasn't sure if it was just demo tracks or what. I'd like to hear it again with a great crisp production job because this could be nice.

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