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Mainline Riders - WORLDSHAKER

Fat Freddy

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(I already posted this in the Christian Rock/Metal forum, but for those of you who rarely frequent that area, I'm posting it here as well cuz you really oughta check these dudes out even if you're a heathen like me...)






Just got a promo of this band 's new album (their second) which will be out on Retroactive Records in late June. Their guitar player, "Cliffy" was once a member of the Christian pop-punk band The Huntingtons, who sounded a lot like the Ramones. However, his new band is good ole fashioned hard rock in the vein of AC/DC or their spiritual children (Kix, X-Sinner, Rhino Bucket, Dirty Looks, Airbourne, etc.) check these guys out! The lead singer is a dead ringer for Bon Scott!! Me likee!

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