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Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show - Preview for this week!

aXe mAn

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Hey everyone,


I thought I'd take some time out to give you a little "preview" of what's in store for this week's show!


- It's part 2 (of 4) in the Eonian Records series! This week, I'll be feature songs from High Noon's "No Turning Back" album and I'll talk about my recent interview with High Noon vocalist, Jim Zappa!


- I have a lot of great NEW music for you on the show....New bands like Lynam & Steel Panther will be featured....along with songs off of M.S.G.'s latest release, "In the Midst Of Beauty". I'll also play another song from George Lynch's new project, Souls Of We!


- I also threw in a bunch of your requests! Requests for; Slaughter, Pair A Dice and Ratt are granted!


- In addition to all of that, I'll let you know about the latest announcements for Rock Gone Wild & MUCH MUCH more!!!


You absolutely DO NOT want to miss this week's show! Another station has been added...Along with the show being played on Saturday's, you can now catch it this Wednesday (tommorow) on www.rockin-mayhem-radio at 9pm ET/8pm CT!


So you now have 3 chances to catch it... here's a look at the complete schedule;


Wednesday at 9pm ET/8pm CT on www.rockin-mayhem-radio.com

Saturday at 4pm ET/3pm CT on www.dyhardradio.com

Saturday at 8pm ET/7pm CT on www.smokintunz.net


Remember, while you're listening to the show, also feel free to stop by the chat rooms on those sites as well to talk with me and other listeners! It's always a fun time in the chat rooms, and it just adds another element to the show that makes it that much better!


So, enjoy the show this week & keep on rockin'!


-andrew (aXe mAn)


For more info on the show, stop by these locations;



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