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Anyone here know of and /or a like the Ghostwriters? I use to love these guys, but havnt listened for years. Not HH material so may not interest anyone. Basically theyre a side project of Midnight Oil and the Hoodoo Gurus. The lead singer/guitarist is Rob Hirst (drummer of Midnight Oil - yeh an odd one!). A bit of a revolving door of musicians make up the band over the years, with members of the Hoodoo Gurus, Midnight Oil, Diesel, Icehouse, Crowded House, Hunters and Collectors and even an aussie Olympian.


I cant seem to find any good videos on Youtube, but know they had quite a few. The music is generally a dark brooding rock. The first album had the single "Someones singing New York New York" with the album taking an early 90s Midnight Oil vibe.

The second album "Second Skin" is the highlight. Its really dark! Perhaps with the vibe of mid 90s Oils and Hoodoo Gurus...but blending in all sorts of styles.. slide blues, techno effects, heavy riffs, world music and more.. somehow it works. Awesome singles were "Second skin" and the song that got me into them "Impossible Shame" - using the distinct sound of one of Rob Hirst's trademarks... the garbage can drum.

Another 2 albums were released but never quite lived up to the first two.



so... anyone?

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