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The Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show - Now on 95x Radio!

aXe mAn

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Big announcement....


Along with the Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show being broadcasted on Powerhouse Mix Radio...another station has been added on and will be airing it, too! 95x Radio.


You can now listen to the Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show at these times on 95x Radio;


Thursdays at 1pm EST,

Saturdays at 4pm EST (rebroadcast),

and Sundays at 8pm EST (rebroadcast)


So there you go, you will now have more chances to catch the Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show! The first show on the station will air on Thursday January 8th.




More info on the Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show;


The Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show is basically a 2 hour celebration of rock's wildest era! I will play all of the hair metal and hard rock you love from the 80's/early 90's...along with some new music that is keeping the spirit alive today.


I like to play a mix of big hits and the lesser known songs as well. There were so many bands that might have flown under your radar and didn't achieve as much success as they deserved. Each show I will go deep into the vaults and pull out some "Hidden Gems" and give those bands some recognition. Also included on each show is the "Power Ballad" and the "Double Dose".


Along with all the music, I'll keep you updated on what's going on with the site and much more!




Powerhouse Mix Radio: http://www.powerhousemix.com


Tuesdays at 4pm EST


95x Radio: http://www.95xradio.com


Thursdays at 1pm EST


Saturdays at 5pm EST (rebroadcast)


Sundays at 8pm EST (rebroadcast)


Also, you can submit your requests and let me know what you want to hear on the show! Just click on the link below; http://hairbangersradio.ning.com/forum/cat...ests-1/listFo...


You can take a look playlists from past editions of the shows here; http://hairbangersradio.ning.com/forum/cat...lists-1/listF...


Courtesy of http://www.hairmetalmansion.com

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