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Tornado Babies – Delirious (1993) Bootleg CD.

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Tornado Babies – Delirious boot cds is selling now at ebay.

For example items #350080608370, 350080874586, 350081043542 etc..


I must say that all those old & new cds (from A to Z) which these sellers sell are 100% BOOTLEGS made by russian cd-pirates.



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Some more boot Cds from these sellers:

Casanova (1991) - St

Casanova (1992) - One Night Stand

Domain (1989) - Before The Storm

Domain (1988) - Our Kingdom

Domain (1991) - Crack In The Wall

Skagarack (1986) - St

Scagarack (1988) - Hungry For A Game

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Here one more seller of fake CDs - http://myworld.ebay.com/mindright_0


For example, he sells Crashdiet - The Unattractive Revolution CD. The price is specified in english pounds, location of cd is specified in USA, and the disk comes from Russia.


Also fake Crashdiet cd is sold by other seller - http://myworld.ebay.com/adiemus07

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