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Anyone dealt with this guy?


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Just came across EBAY seller ceres_tennyo-he offers quite some CDs,but is not very exact in his descriptions-I assume that many are NO Originals or Bootlegs (see Paganini picture of the Bootleg CD).

Especially East Coast,Hurricane CDs are suspicious without description Original.

Anyone knows this guy????????

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Major league seller of BOOTLEGS. He travels to cd shows in this area and the quality of the cds he gets is poor. I think they are probably greek boots.


Agreed from what I have read on this board, and from what I have purchased from him a good while ago.


Also, consider his comments several months ago when I asked "Is this a bootleg?" He replied something to the order of "I cannot tell for sure, but if it IS a bootleg, it is one of the best I have ever seen! Great inserts and wonderful sound quality!"


Yeah, he sells boots.........

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