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    • Should I be vaccinated if I have had COVID-19?   Even if you have already had COVID-19, you should be vaccinated when it is offered to you. The protection that someone gains from having COVID-19 will vary greatly from person to person. The immunity people get from being vaccinated after having a natural infection is consistently very strong. Getting vaccinated even if you have had COVID-19 means you are more likely to be protected for longer.
    • P.S. The advice recommendations and classifications may have changed dramatically in the wake of the new variants and boosters. Originally-held opinions re: having already had COVID may be completely different now.
    • It's a good question and I'd be interested in a good answer. I have heard that naturally developed antibodies aren't necessarily long term effective, but I could be wrong. I can't remember the specifics. 
    • That seems odd. If you've been told (by medical authorities) that you don't need to be vaccinated because you've already had COVID-19, then with respect to restrictions/requirements you should be classified as vaccinated. I recall early on that someone who had already contracted COVID was considered equivalent to vaccinated, but that was only for a finite window, e.g., for N days after having the disease; it wasn't a permanent classification... but that may have changed. Because yeah, if they're telling you not to get the vaccintation, but you have to act as if unvaccinated, that's a complete bullshit of a no-mans-land to be stuck in.
    • Vision were a mid-80s band that were formed by Lynyrd Skynyrd members Billy Powell and Leon Wilkeson. This song is from their 1985 album. It's straight up hard rock with a very slight Southern tinge.  
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