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Perfect Crime (Bente Smaavik)

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    • Not an easy question to answer. Invision offers 2 licensing models: 1. You buy the license one time (perpetual license) for a couple hundred dollars and you host it on your own server. Hosting costs, support, and bandwidth are yours. Tech support from Invision is limited to IPB software issues. You have the source code so you can customize anything you want, including major functionalities. 2. Monthly subscription, they host the forum and provide all support. Monthly costs are based on tiers of simultaneous users. Source code is not accessible, so you can only customize via skins, plugin modules, and board admin config. I use option #2 and it runs me $40 per month just for the board. If it is a major newspaper, I find it highly unlikely that it is a cost-cutting move unless their traffic is so high that the board is having performance issues and the support and bandwidth costs are mounting. Given the timing, I would speculate that GDPR and its potential liabilities could have something to do with it. Or it could just be yet another step in the Facebooking of the Interwebz. *spit*
    • Great cover artwork  and finally a huge logo! 
    • I moderate a major newspaper's forums, which uses the same software as here. On July 2nd, they are permanently closing down this part of the website. I was just wondering how much does this type of forum cost per month. I'm just wondering if this was basically just a cost cutting move. Any info would be a great help.
    • Really hoping they can release a follow up to their promising debut very soon, ideally this year
    • If you do start to warm up to Joss' vocals I recommend checking out The Great Escape by Zinatra, which included a few tracks written by Paul Laine.  Zinatra sounded similar to mid-80's Treat mixed with a touch of Queen.   It is available on Spotify under the album title Rockumentary Part 2. 
    • Nothing wrong with that at all,like what im hearing
    • Pretty good! Again, loving the overall sound and the music.  My only slight hesitation is just the vocals that have a slightly different flavor to them that seem to take me a little to warm up to. Cool vibe in the music though and sounding good.  Hoping we get to hear another song before launch.

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