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From Lions Pride Music:

Lions Pride Music: proudly welcomes 🇸🇪 Reptile Smile (SWE) to its roster! The iconic band, known for their raw rock energy, has signed with us for their upcoming album "Mark III." Set for release in 29 November 2024, this collaboration promises a thrilling fusion of classic hits (All re-recorded, remixed & remastered) and unreleased gems, marking a triumphant return! (More info below).
Reptile Smile is:
Martin Karlegård - Guitar
Michel Maiden - Drums
Peter Schapiro - Lead Vocals 
Andreas Karlegård - Bass
Session Musician: Fredrik Björk - Guitar
01) Stay Tuned To My Station (Unreleased)
02) Self Righteous Bastard (Unreleased)
03) My Business (Unreleased)
04) Pour Em All Up (Unreleased on CD)
05) Freight Train (Unreleased on CD)
06) Holiday (Re-Recorded)
07) Push (Re-Recorded)
08) Automatic Cool (Re-Recorded)
09) 2000 Miles (Re-Recorded)
10) Shove Em Down (Re-Recorded)
11) Hush Hush (Re-Recorded)
12) Senorita Lucy (Re-Recorded)
13) Rattlesnake Valley (Re-Recorded)
Reptile Smile, born in the effervescent Stockholm music scene of 1988, was the brainchild of guitarist/songwriter Martin Karlegård and drummer Michel Maiden. Initially known as Lodger, the trio found their voice with vocalist Peter Schapiro, setting the stage for a raw, rock journey echoing the influences of Aerosmith, AC/DC and the Rolling Stones.
Renamed Reptile Smile with the inclusion of bassist Jake St. Snake and guitarist Jan Lissnils, the band soared after signing with CBS Records in 1989. Their debut single, "Shove ‘em Down," and the album "Automatic Cool" catapulted them into the European spotlight, solidified by the MTV rotation of "2000 Miles." The release of "Who Makes the Rules" in 1991 further entrenched their presence, fueled by the single "Wild life."
Chapter Two, spanning 1993-1995, witnessed a revamped lineup, relentless touring, and eventual disbandment due to strain. Despite this, the allure of their music persisted, leading to sporadic reunions and a studio endeavor in 1994, yielding an unreleased third album.
Chapter Three, from 1995 to the present, encapsulates the band's intermittent reunions, culminating in a transformative decision by Martin in 2010. This prompted the re-recording of earlier tracks with Michel Maiden returning on drums, Andreas on bass, and Fredrik Björk on guitar, delivering a rejuvenated sound.
Now, in 2023, the long-awaited "Mark III" album emerges, combining reimagined classics with unreleased tracks. Set for release in November 2024 by Lions Pride Music, this compilation pays homage to Reptile Smile's enduring legacy. The album showcases the band's evolution, blending old and new elements, while Peter's commanding vocals tie the collection together. "Mark III" is a resurrection, a testament to the timeless vigor of Reptile Smile's music, promising an explosive sonic experience for fans, old and new alike
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