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Brian Bart - Future Vision


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From MelodicRock Classics:

Brian Bart’s resume now goes back 40 years. He has been a stalwart of the Minneapolis rock scene since the start of the 80s – as a guitarist, songwriter, producer, engineer just for starters.

In recent years Brian has been the owner, engineer and producer at Logic Studios & Logic Recordings. He has recorded over 300 albums, played multiple instruments on over 100 records, including ten of his own. 

Best known as founding member of Dare Force, Brain’s solo debut ‘Future Vision’ came in 1987 and features a wild set of songs spanning hard rock, pomp, melodic anthems, fusion and some inspired instrumentals that show an artist in full command of his craft. The album features some fine displays of shredding and riffing, intelligent song arrangements and a guitar tone and sound that rivals the great Boston. 
Unfortunately for fans of 80s melodic rock, the album remains largely a mystery – it was only ever released independently on cassette. Until now. Brian Bart has re-arranged the cassette running order to better suit the flow of a CD and the material has been remastered once again by JK Northrup.

‘Future Vision’ can now be heard in all its glory on a Limited Edition 500 Series CD release from MelodicRock Classics on August 25. 
Track Listing: 
01. Electricity 
02. Post Toastee 
03. Stay The Night 
04. Evil 
05. Can You See The Light 
06. Future Vision 
07. Living On The Edge 
08. Get The Best Of You 
09. Voice Inside My Head 
10. One More Chance 
11. She Knows How To UseIt 
12. What Do You Want 
13. Machines 
14. Renaissance 
15. Bells / Flamingo Blues 
16. Phantom Of The Opera 
17. The Ocean




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