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Cyanide 4 - Amalgama


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Press release:

In Ancient Greece, the Alchemists, whose symbol was the Caduceus of Hermes, used to create alloys by mixing mostly Mercury with different metal elements. A mixture like that was called "Amalgama". That was the inspiration behind the title of our 3rd album, describing our endeavour to adequately mix all the "metal elements" each of the new members of the band had brought and blend them with the Hard and Sleaze Rock legacy of Cyanide 4, undoubtedly creating the 'natural evolution' of Nekyia! So, behold..."AmaΛgamA"!

Cyanide 4 is a Hard Rock/Glam Metal band formed in Athens, Greece back in 2008 mixing their influences varying from the Los Angeles’ 80s glam era to the new rock ‘n’ roll wave of Scandinavian bands of our days. The band, quickly built a strong fan-base in Greece and abroad by releasing 2 albums by Perris Records (USA) and doing many live shows, both headlining and as a support act to acclaimed artists, like the Scorpions, Bonfire, W.A.S.P., Lizzy Borden, Crashdiet, Over The Rainbow, Ten, etc.

G.A. Sinn - Lead Vocals
Dyan Mair - Guitars
Mitch V. - Bass
Adrian Kyp - Drums


The Secret Doctrine

Warlike Fellow

Perfect Sensation

So In Vain


Tragic Flaw

Alter Ego

Not A Perfect Circle


Unknown Momentum

Barred & Scarred















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