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QWAZIMOJO - Glorious (Baltimore/Nashville band)

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Baltimore-via-Nashville power trio Jeff Chance(bass/keys), Joe Arrington(guitars) and Nate Johnson(drums) along with Manila's Tami Defensor Gallano (vox) are now Qwazi (kind of) Mojo (magical)

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    • How To Talk To Girls At Parties ~ Wow, where'd this 2016 movie come from? Really good film and not in any way shape or form associated with the title which has no relevance to the film. Super eclectic but not in that Portland trying to be weird way by screaming it in peoples faces that your weird to try and convince everyone even though your not. Period 70's movie centering around some punk rockers that stumble upon a "party" but everyone there are aliens, unbeknownst to the 3 boys. Crazy ensues there after with a very cool sappy ending. Well worthy a watch imho.
    • Exactly what I have been thinking too haha. I love the Marcello/Vestry album more than TMF and The Defiants' debut albums. Personally I find it even better than most DD albums. It's one of my fave melodic rock albums of all time. 
    • Ha! I actually made some comments in that thread. Completely forgot about it.
    • https://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/topic/37218-tokyo-motor-fist-new-album-in-2020/
    • 4 tracks from the debut 7 from Freedom Rock 4 from Address The Nation 5 from TDTW 6 from ITGU plus Drink Alone
    • Sounds very U2 to me, which I don't mind
    • I would appreciate if you guys could answer the following question : Has anyone heard the GUIRO (if you don't know what it is please google it) in "Love Is The Killer"? And does it bother you? I just noticed it while listening to the album with headphones. They already used a guiro on the debut ("Waiting On A Heartbreak") which I thought was strange at first but it's only during the chorus and I've since gotten used to it. But this time they really went overboard with it it's so irritating. You can hear it throughout the entire verses and the solo...  Edit: it's also on U X'd my heart, although a bit more subtle. What's the fascination with this (sorry to say) useless instrument? The only thing it does is ruin a perfectly good song
    • Nice song but not completely blown away by it. Out of the first singles/videos they have released so far for each album except Artwork, this new one is my least favourite. Hope the rest are all gems. 
    • On this week's episode of everyone's favorite soap opera "Changing of Seasons" - guitarist Pav leaves the band before their US tour and and release of the new Album in October 
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