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New project, new album - what do you think?


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Released an album with some friends this summer, prog rock with some metal elements. The production isn’t the best, but feel free to comment whether you like it or not!

Thanks! I’ll post some info and some links here:


This prog project put together by Ended guitarist Lars Granat released their debut album July 3rd. Information and links will follow here:


In the summer of 2017, guitarist and songwriter Lars Granat of rock/metal act Ended started working on the album he always wanted to make. Together with drummer Sebastian Johammar (The Grand New Wrong) and singer Rikard Rynoson (Generous Men), the newly formed collaboration went into the studio to record it.


Sebastian: ”It was a new experience actually playing and recording in this genre. It’s as fun playing as it is listening to and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this project as I think it turned out great.”


Rikard: ”Working with Lars has been a very rewarding experience. We shared many a laugh when things went south while recording, as well as agreeing when a take was just right. All in all, it was easy to understand and agree with the vision for each song and making it come true.”


Along with three other songs, the two part title track epic tells a tale of inner conflict, being true to who you are, and some sort of longing home - perhaps what made Granat make his way into prog rock territory.


Lars: ”Even when I go back ten, maybe fifteen years, and listen to songs I wrote in the past there’s always been this progressive vibe to it. And now for some reason I felt this was the right time to go for it, so I did. And what I’ve always loved with the prog scene is that pretty much anything goes! So you’re able to just follow the music and do whatever comes to mind.”


’A Life Wasted’ is a journey through several moods and genres, narrated with powerful lyrics. Influences range from modern to classic prog, pop, rock and metal.


Rikard: ”The songs carry important and relevant messages about identity and legacy: They are all about facing ourselves and realizing and accepting our responsiblity in that our actions affect others. It does not make the message less easy to receive when the songs are true works of art too.”


Sebastian: ”This album represents different styles of playing for me and the intention is to complement mood, tempo and the melodies with a dynamic approach.”


Listen to the album here:

iTunes/Apple Music - https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/a-life-wasted/1410792190

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/album/0VY07Y9xv8Lsvm1YL6tOGq?si=Pzc_v11QQTC2SsbqfwMcBw

Tidal - http://tidal.com/se/store/album/91783066


Follow KALEIDOREAL here:




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