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    • The vocals really do not suit this track.
    • Thanks mate. You're spot on about DeGarmo.
    • Stephen Pearcy - View to a Thrill   And then... Core Leoni - The Greatest Hits Part 1   
    • Seems to mainly stem from finanacial issues and from what can be read into it, the other members probably felt like Tate had TOO MUCH control over what the band was doing both musically and financially (especially with several of his family members involved with band operations); everything just finally boiled over. Here's an interview with Geoff Tate from June 2012 giving his side of things: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/qa-geoff-tate-on-queensryches-ugly-split-backstage-brawl-in-brazil-102316/   And then here's the other side from the other members: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/remaining-queensryche-members-accuse-geoff-tate-of-financial-wrongdoing-violence/   DeGarmo leaving in 1998 was the beginning of the end musically (IMO anyway) as the releases after that became darker and way less melodic, with only the occasional  exception (song wise).   I know alot of people really like the band now, with LaTorre on vocals, and the recent releases, but it's all I can do to get through them. The muscianship is top notch, the vocals are great, but there's just something missing... the songs just aren't memorable to me. I've listened to The Verdict on and off for the last week, and can't remember a single chorus. The only reason I picked The Verdict in this poll is because The New Reality by Tate's Operation: Mindcrime is DREADFUL.   At least on the releases prior to that one, you could count on 2-3 decent songs on a Tate release, and his stuff is definitely more melodic than what Ryche has been doing... to my ears at least.               
    • Since Q2K I haven't really given many spins to either party. From what I have heard though, I think the output from Queensryche has been better. Although, they were only able to achieve this by getting a Geoff Tate emulator (Todd La Torre was an inspired choice BTW). I'm sure it's very complicated, but does anyone know in a nutshell, what caused the falling out in the first place? Such a shame when you have these rifts among long term successful bands. It seems to be pretty common though. Money and Ego are the two main factors, I'm sure. 
    • Undrask - Battle Through Time Rockett Love - Grab The Rocket
    • Nice, two albums that were in need of reissues, in my opinion.   One with Rob Rock and the other with Jerome Mazza on vocals
    • Angelica (Band) 23 mins · PRE-ORDER NOW!!! https://girdermusic.com/…/…/products/angelica-3-album-bundle ANGELICA - ANGELICA (Self-Titled) ANGELICA - WALKING IN FAITH ANGELICA - THE DEMO SESSIONS which is 9 previous unreleased demos songs. REMASTERED RELEASE DATE MAY 2019 Includes RipStream - Free Digital Downloads (delivered on release day) FREE SHIPPING (usa only) when you order all 3 here First 50 to order all 3 will get a special Angelica Button and Autograph Sticker by Dennis Cammeron.
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