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Music needs space in it to rock


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I've been thinking about this for a while now but since i've been mixing new releases with some old favourites not heard in many a year i think music needs room in it to rock. A lot of new releases have too much crammed in and become too muddled with layers and layers of different things going on to be clearly heard properly.


For instance listening to Shotgun Messiah's self titled album you can clearly hear all of the great guitar work going on and there is actually space between the riffs. That makes me appreciate each magic riff on that release more.


Compare that to something like Revolution Saints and i struggle to make out all the things that are going on as is passed by my ears. There is just too much happening at the same time and i just throw it in the average or shit bin. This is happening more and more for me and i put it down to the recording process getting too easy due to technology.

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True, that's why I'm hardly ever crazy about a new release (from 2000 onwards) I tend to be more like ''it's ok but not as good as..... or back when...'' but I don't think that many people care these days. Maybe artists think it's better to ''hide'' behind a fat sound

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