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Just trying to give a band some recognition and exposure with the sort of rock fans that normally wouldn't hear their music. Kilmer is disbanded now, but I'm hoping that a new audience might encourage them to get back into the game, because I know they want it too. This is not my preferred genre, but I believe they do what they do VERY well, despite the sound quality on their recordings, and after years and years subjected to terrible, terrible local bands and musicians that that aren't even halfway dedicated to composing more than gimmicky retreads, I really want to hear some feedback on their music from rock fans that truly love rock. Full disclosure, I have strong personal ties with the band, but honestly believe that they are heads and shoulders, both as songwriters and musicians, far above the current crop of house bands at choose-your-saloon. I wanted to wait until they had a properly recorded/produced cd to post here, as even the live shows sound considerably more massive, full, fleshed out, and sonically perfect, but it isn't likely to happen as of now, so I hope they guys don't hate me! Ha.. At any rate, hard to find true fans of music, much less fans of the melodic rock variety, but y'all are a great little assemblage of exactly that. This site is great, Dan! Would love to hear some opinions on the tunes. Modern rock with a progressive bent?? Cheers, and feel free to send these assholes a message of support if you dig it.



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