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Studs tracks seem messed up

Riff Raff

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I don't if anyone can answer this for me but I'll ask anyhow.


I've been trying to get my old music converted to MP3 format in case anything ever happens to the originals and just for the luxury of being able to drag them into my phone to have as a convenience for whenever I have some time to kill.


Anyhow...this Studs album: Track 5 is titled "Take Me Home" and track 11 is titled "Bring It On Home". The problem seems, to me at least, that the tracks are titled backwards because the lyrics don't conform to the titles as they are listed. Track 11 "Bring It On Home" has a chorus of take me home while track 5 "Take Me Home" has a chorus of Bring it on Down" I don't know why the song is titled "Bring Itr On Home" if it never even mentions the word home but repeats Bring it on down. You see? It's the most annoying thing to me. And again, they seem backwords.


And it carried over to the Tramp Box Set as well with both Danish Lions and Studs CD's. Same problem. I don't get it.


I switched them around to how I thought they should be when I converted but I don't necessarily know that I'm right.

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