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Shawn Of Fire

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Shawn Pelata from LINE OF FIRE here! First off, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my band LINE OF FIRE as well as other projects I have been involved in over the years!

Secondly, THANK YOU for not only supporting my band, but also Melodic Rock in general with your time, love and purchases!

This brings me to my point: WE NEED YOU! These days more than ever, it goes without saying that bands like mine would NOT be here without you!

I feel like I am speaking for not only LINE OF FIRE, but for bands like FARCRY, BONRUD, TANGO DOWN, BOMBAY BLACK, TALON, ADRIANGALE, COLDSPELL, NEWMAN, CROSSING RUBICON, and any other band who isn't already Journey and enjoying a decades-long foothold in the scene. WE NEED YOU! YOU are our lifeline! YOU are our network! We cannot thank YOU enough for the opportunity you have given us...the opportunity to he heard!

With that, I wanted to humbly ask for your continued support. It all comes down to this: WORD OF MOUTH! WORD OF MOUTH is everything! With FB limiting who sees our posts & updates from our Band Pages, YOUR WORD OF MOUTH is even more important!

So, when you see us post something, after you click the "LIKE" button, click that "SHARE" button! SHARE our songs! SHARE our band pages! SHARE our videos! SHARE our reviews! SHARE the love you show us with everyone you know!

By doing this, you help to ensure our future musical endeavors! When you click the "SHARE" button and re-post our links, you're extending our reach! You're letting all your Friends out there on FB know that YOU support what we do! Who knows? Maybe you'll turn them on to some cool music they haven't heard yet? Maybe one of your Friends will re-SHARE again?

Again, I cannot say THANK YOU enough to convey how much I appreciate all of you! You guys are the best!

I hope you all are well and happy!


Shawn Pelata / LINE OF FIRE

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