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Liberty N' Justice April Update


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4-7-13 Liberty N' Justice Update


LNJ Records along with Arttie Parker ,Sculley's Shooters, and soon to be announced sponsors are proud to announce a 3 day music event in North Platte, Nebraska (18th,19th, & 20th) in October! The event features over 30 bands over 3 days, which includes headliners Jack Russell of Great White (doing a story teller performance), Kip Winger, and Miljenko (the voice of Steelheart) plus Phil Lewis (the voice of L.A.Guns), Ted Poley (the voice of Danger Danger), Bill Leverty, Hurricane, Marq Torien of the Bullet Boys, Enuff Z'nuff, Ron Keel, Rhino Bucket, Leatherwolf, Anthony Corder of Tora Tora, White Cross and for the first time in 20 years appearing live will be Roxy Blue and FearNot, among others. Fans from 18 states and 2 other countries have bought tickets to this very cool and unique concert. You can get tickets directly at Sculley's Shooters or online at http://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/7187/chk/8b5e, For more information or the complete list of acts, VIP packages or for more info please visit the Skull Fest event page athttps://www.facebook.com/events/520949311290225/.


Liberty N' Justice "The Cigar Chronicles" has been out for a month and a half and the response we have been getting has been overwhelming! The double CD features 26 songs and over 70 guest musicians like George Lynch, Jeff LaBar, Kip Winger, CJ Snare, Gunnar Nelson, among a host of others!!!! For a limited time still you can get all 26 songs off of iTunes for an amazingly low $9.99, or get the physical CD with other LNJ swag (t-shirts, old LNJ CDs, and even a chance to write and record with LNJ) at www.libertynjustice.net .


With the release of "The Cigar Chronicles", another LNJ release has been overlooked. Roxx Records has recently released "Before The Revolution: The Best of LNJ the Early Years" which is a best of CD of our earlier albums 1992-2000, before we got "known" for all the guest artists appearing on our albums. It also has some cool demos and one new unreleased song that features present day LNJ band members JK Northrup and David Cagle. The CD can be purchased at http://roxxproductions.storenvy.com/products/793807-liberty-n-justice-before-the-revolution-best-of-the-early-years >


Speaking of LNJ "The Band Project" ...some of you have noticed LNJ has pulled out of our live appearances. JK, Eric, Michael, David, and myself want LNJ to be a brand and we "ALL" feel there is still some confusion. Some of you are still emailing me asking if "so and so" will be appearing live with us. We are very very happy to be associated with such a vast array of musicians and without them you most likely would never have heard of LNJ, but without any apology or any more confusion, David Cagle "IS" now the voice of LNJ. In saying that, we have gone back into the studio to make sure "YOU" guys have plenty of new material from LNJ and we have more of an accurate depiction of "OUR" sound and what songs to expect when seeing us live! Over the next 15 months, LNJ will release not just one new record, but two new studio albums. The two new albums will be released at different times, with the first being projected released in late fall/ early winter of this year.


The two new records being worked on are.....

Liberty N' Justice "That's Gonna Leave A Mark", a rock concept album that is fully recorded (13 songs) except drums and keyboards. For a limited time we would like to share a quick mix sample/demo of one of the songs at ....................



The second CD is an acoustic rock record (yet to be named) and 2 songs are recorded for this album and for a limited time we would like to share a quick mix sample/ demo with you at.......



In closing, everyone else is staying busy till we bring "OUR" LNJ to the masses....

*JK Northrup is still taking clients and recording at his studio, Alien Productions (http://www.alien1111.com/)


*David Cagle is currently recording on a few other projects such as "Marty and The Bad Punch" from Germany, and also working on LA songwriter Jonathon Brannon's new album. You can get more info on David at http://thestudiosinger.blogspot.com/and also follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thestudiosinger


*Eric is still the most sought after Keyboard player in the melodicrock genre and besides playing in the studio he is getting ready to perform live

in Chicago with Mecca at Melodic Rock Fest 3 (more info on this great event or tickets can be found at http://www.melodicrockfest.com/)


* Michael Feighan just got back from playing overseas at The Element Of Rock fest with his two other bands King James and White Cross. Michael is all so gearing up

for the release of a new King James record and giving drummer lessons. More info at https://www.facebook.com/michael.feighan.3?fref=ts


* Justin Murr can't decide if he wants to be a concert promoter, songwriter, or rock star


Till Next Time.........

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