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Liberty N Justice giving away another CD for free


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Gearing up for the release of the massive double CD "The Cigar Chronicles" Liberty N' Justice wants to give "thanks" to you guys and are sharing more FREE music from the past !!! 18 tracks from our 2008 "4-All:The Best Of Lnj" greatest hits album !!!!.....feel free to share link is at www.facebook.com/libertynjusticerocks


the track listing is....

01. We Have A God (Derrick LeFevre of Lillian Axe and Larry Worley of Fear Not)

02. Rage (Dug Pinnick of King's X)

03. Devil In The Details (Steve Brown of Trixter)

04. Author Of The Flame (Dale & Troy Thompson of Bride)

05. Blind Man's Bluff (Michael Sweet of Stryper)

06. Noise (Jamie Rowe of Guardian)

07. Shed My Skin (Lou Gramm of Foreigner)

08. Another Nail (Sebastian Bach)

09. sight Unseen (Leif Garret)

10. Flinch (Tony Harnell ex-TNT)

11. Thy Will Be Done (Mark Slaughter of Slaughter and Pete Loran of Trixter)

12. Killer Grin (Stephen Pearcey of Ratt)

13. Doubting Thomas (John Corabi ex-Motley Crue / Ratt / Union)

14. Monkey Dance (Jack Russell of Great White)

15. Soldier (Kelly Keagey of Night Ranger and Mark Slaughter of Slaughter)

16. Independence Day (Kelly Keeling of Baton Rouge / TSO)

17. Praying For A Miracle (Ted Poley of Danger Danger)

18. Addiction (Jani Lane of Warrant)

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