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Liberty n Justice with Kip Winger and more news


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Liberty N' Justice with JK Northrup new CD "Hell Is Coming To Breakfast" comes out on Roxx Records.

The CD features  Jani Lane of Warrant, Jack Russell of Great White, Donnie Vie of Enuff Z'nuff, and many more

great guest artists! You can pick the CD up directly from Roxx Records (www.roxxproductions.com )


You can read the first two reviews of "Hell Is Coming To Breakfast" at.....





plus a new interview with Justin Murr at.....



In other Liberty N' Justice news on the same day as LNJ releases there new CD they are releasing a new

single on I-tunes, "Stayin' Alive" featuring Kip Winger of Winger and JK Northrup of XYZ/ King Kobra.

The track was mixed and mastered by CJ Snare of Firehouse. LNJ's Justin Murr has this to say

about the track. "This is one of the songs that will be on our soon to be released double CD

"The Cigar Chronicles". Whatever you think of when you hear the words "Stayin' Alive" forget about

it.... Kip kills this killer new version of a 70's classic!"


In last bit of LNJ news, Justin Murr's 12 year old daughter, Torrie Murr releases her first single

"Hot Child In The City" on I-tunes on the same day as the other two releases!

Tuesday April 24th is going to be a rocking day with LNJ.......

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