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Resurgence of Rock

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Guest AuroraArtists

I just wanted to shout out about a new album by a band called BlancaWhite. The album is entitled "Resurgence of Rock" and it features vocals by Paul Shortino, Terry Ilous, Lorraine Lewis and Jeff Paris. The record will be released some time early next year. Right now the band is launching a website and a social media campaign. The concept for the album is cool because it is an upside down model of record production. Usually a label works with a producer and a band to create music that will be fed to the fans. Here, the fans came up with the music, then hired the musicians, then produced the record, and are now marketing it like a label would do. Totally upside down!


Anyway, it would be an honor for anyone interested to check out the website and let us know what you think. www.ResurgenceOfRock.com Thanks.



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