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Need Help Identifying A Song (!)

Guest Philosoraptor

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Guest Philosoraptor

Okay, troups -- here's the deal: The other day I was working online and decided to check out (for the first time) an Internet radio station from Germany (Munich's Hardest Hits: http://www.munichshardesthits.com -- you probably know it, it's killer). After a couple tunes a cool song came on that totally captivated me, and I had to learn what it was. Idiot that I am, I didn't know they ran a current playlist at the bottom of their homepage, so I didn't bother going back there (the audio was streaming through Winamp on my compubox) to check it out. By the time I discovered that they provided a "what's playing" list, the song title had passed by.


So I started frantically doing a Google search, typing in lyric phrases that I could remember (the way I can usually identify an unknown song -- by searching lyrics), but nothing was coming up as an exact match. That was a day or so ago (I've been sidetracked by other things), so now the only lyrics I remember are the ones that came at the end of the chorus:




"The sun will rise today,

Just like always..."


I know it ain't a helluva lot to go on, but does anyone have any idea what song that is? The vocalist sounded similar enough to John Waite to make me think it might be off his new album ("Rough & Tumble"), so I went to Rhapsody to check it out and it's not from there. It also sounded a bit like Andreas Novak, but nothing I could identify from him.


So -- anyone have any ideas? Anyone? Anything...? It's driving me nuts.




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