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U.S. Members...Wishing Well Needs Your Help!

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Hi everyone,


As some of you may or may not know we have started a "distribution wing" of our company. We are going to be the U.S. distributor for a number of indie artists and labels. We just recently signed deals with AOR Boulevard Records (label of Push UK) and the band Faithealer to exclusively distribute their products in the U.S.. We have more artists and labels lined up for the near future. Our goals are to make these products easier to find and less expensive for customers in the U.S. and to try to help the Melodic Rock scene grow in the U.S. by trying to get more of these products into physical retailers around the country.


We are asking our U.S. friends to suggest any physical stores (independent or chains) that they think may be interested in stocking Modern Melodic Rock, AOR, Hard Rock and Metal cds. If you have a good relationship with a store in your area please ask them to check us out.


We are also looking for college, indie and internet radio stations that may be interested in playing the artists we are going to distribute.


It's such a big country that everyone has stores and radio stations they know about (but people in other areas may not). You can either PM me here or e-mail me at rpamachena@wishingwellonline.com with any suggestions. Any help and suggestions in these areas is greatly appreciated!


FYI we will still continue to operate our three shops (web site, eBay and Amazon) as we have done for going on 15 years. Big thanks to everyone for your continued support!


Roger & Cassandra



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