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Liberty NJustice New CD info


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Hey guys and gals,


This is Justin Murr with Liberty N' Justice and I thought I would update everybody on all things LNJ.

This summer I was in the process of recording a "New" LNJ double CD (14 covers and 12 originals) where 23 of the 26 songs are recorded and more than half are done with some very cool guest artists. I went into this album wanting to create just a fun rock n' roll record, not trying to record "Light It Up 2" but just a heavy groove guitar fun spirited record and I think every one involved has done a great job seeing my vision through.....

During this summer though I (sorta) put that record on hold when my 12 year old daughter had some health issues. She was diagnosed with epilepsy 5 years ago and five months ago the medication would not control her seizures any more. She started having 30-40 seizures a night and was placed in the hospital and eventually moved into the ICU. Trinity Paige (my daughter) was placed into a medically induced coma and when that did not work they did brain surgery where they removed a large portion of her right frontal lobe. Through God's amazing grace and a testament of his love past my failing faith, Paige 2 weeks later is showing no signs of seizure activity and has started going to school for half days.

Being a songwriter/ musician during these times I emptied my feelings on paper with what was going on

with her, my marriage,and me. With Vic Rivera's talent and direction we recorded a 5-song EP that we are releasing to benefit The Epilepsy Foundation and all the artists involved have donated there time and talent to see my dream through. Please help up us spread the word, we will have more info soon on all the singers, musicians, whose helping us release it and how you can help a great cause.....

www.libertynjustice.net www.facebook.com/libertynjustice www.myspace.com/libertynjustice2


The CD is called: Liberty N' Justice with Vic Rivera

"Chasing A Cure" (5 song EP)

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