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Live Melodic Rock in southern California this September...


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Hey everybody,


I'm posting about a live show in Los Angeles; while not technically a tour and/or concert, I couldn't find a better forum to post this in. If this should go into another forum, please let me know and have an administrator re-locate this post/thread to the appropriate area with my apologies in advance.


Without further ado, however, what I'm here to talk about is that my band is having a show in Studio City! It's west of Laurel Canyon Blvd. south of the 101 on Ventura Blvd. at the Aura Nightclub September 15th at 8pm. Parking is free and we're encouraging everyone to come early so they can grab dinner; their menu is outstanding. The stage has a great lighting rig, awesome sound and we'll be there to play songs from our debut CD "Eye of the Storm." You can RSVP here or here. (21+ only, $6 at the door. Please bring a designated driver; don't drive drunk.)


Classic rock fans would more than likely enjoy tracks like "No One But You" and "Open." You can hear them at our website which is linked in my sig below.


I don't know how many of us on this discussion board are from the SoCal area so if you know anyone else in or near L.A. that'd be interested in checking them out, please please pass along the word to them. I have a Seasoned group of guys playing with me on that night and we are going to put on one kick ass show.


Thanks for your time and attention all!

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