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Guest Night

Underground female gothic metal project Angelika & Demons was founded by songwriter Angelika in the autumn 2005, at the time when she was seriously sick and going to die.

Angelika decided to make home records of her songs and put them into Internet to stay forever in hearts of people who will listen and maybe sing the songs... but music and God performed a miracle, and Angelika recovered.


During several years she collaborated with such great artists as JC Carroll (UK, The Members), Tony McKormack (UK, Inkubus Sukkubus, Vampire Division), Nightshade Kiss (USA), Gamma Leonis (USA), etc.


Song Starfire spent several months in the top of Soundclick charts and was released on CD.


Iisus Christos became well-known in Croatia because was released there on CD as a soundtrack for multimedia project of Zoran Krusvar. You still can watch the video Iisus Christos on Youtube.


Many musicians and vocalists took part in the project Angelika & Demons, but Mara became an important part of it with her powerful opera dramatic soprano.

Debut (demo) album EASY DEATH is available now on iTunes, Amazon.com and Rhapsody.

“Easy Death”’s sound will certainly remind listeners of Evanescence and ex-Nightwish with Tarja Turunen, female-fronted metal bands with gothic overtones , and can be of interest for their fans.


Beautiful pensive piano ballads with angelic voice alternate heavy guitar riffs and powerful opera singing. Strings and choirs create a special gothic atmosphere.


Internet radio stations in USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, India, etc. are playing Angelika & Demons.




Easy Death (2009) demo album, mp3 release on iTunes and Amazon




Official Website

Official Myspace





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