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Dead Planet

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Anyone have this.? Just looking for opinions......I loved their first 2 releases especially 'Swallow' which came out many years ago......wondering how good this one is....I found one song which sounds pretty good....here...




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It's relatively new...I believe it came out in 2008....the music is definitely not to everyones taste ..here's a short write up I snagged from Nightmare records





What would it sound like if you blended AMON AMARTH with ALICE N CHAINS? Answer: HEAVENWOOD!!!


Back after a decade of silence is the best Portuguese Metal band of all time, finally ready to break charts and hearts again, with their third full-lenght album. 'REDEMPTION' released on Recital Records!


Redemption was recorded in UltraSound Studios by Daniel Cardoso (Head Control System, Oblique Rain) and Ricardo Dias, and mixed & mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Soilwork, Amon Amarth) at Fascination Street Studios, in Sweden.


The album features all melodic and catchy Heavenwood trades plus a new energy and experience. The recording is still rounded by special guest appearances (Firewind's Gus G, Oceans Of Sadness' Tijs Vanneste and Annihilator's Jeff Waters) who not only underline but also sublime Heavenwood's trademark of Gothic and Dark Metal.


Formed in 1992 under the name Disgorge, Heavenwood quickly established themselves as one of the most important Portuguese bands, alongside Moonspell. Despite the tragedy that struck them when their former bassist committed suicide in 1995, Heavenwood signed to Massacre Records and released two albums in the late half of the 1990's and 'Swallow' sold more than 40.000 copies worldwide and put Heavenwood in sucessful European tours with bands such as Atrocity, In Flames, Theatre Of Tragedy and Lake Of Tears.


In 1998, high on the track of their 'Swallow' album (which featured guest appearances by Gamma Ray mastermind Kai Hansen and at the time Theatre Of Tragedy front lady Liv Kristine), Heavenwood was the first Portuguese band EVER to play in Wacken Open Air. After that, more tours with bands such as Atrocity, Solitudo Aeturnus and Savior Machine, but the band quickly folded in a sea of internal problems and line-up changes... until 2008. Now, Heavenwood is back with their best album EVER.

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