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Lost in translation.....

& then

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Ok, see if ya can identify this song from the followin' lyrics......


Long ago in days untold

Ruled by lords of greed

Maidens fair with golden gems

About their wounds that bleed

Kings and queens and guillotines

Takin' lives denied

Starch and parchment may be lost

When bishops took the ride

Over to the sea......



These lyrics are taken directly from a Japan edition lyric booklet of a pretty good classic rock bands' 70's release. :guitbannana:

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Kings And Queens - Aerosmith


Salutes! :drink:



& for those wantin' to read the remainder of the lyrics (accordin' to the Japan ed.)


Oh, I know why

I knew this life of old

Somehow, I know now

Truths are much too sure


Tossin', turnin', nightmares burnin'

Dreams of swords in hand

Sailin' ships of ancient spits

The blood that follows them

Over to the sea


Living times of knights and mares

Raisin' swords from maidens fair

See her again, fear only, no surprise

Living all the centuries

You maidens, do what you please

Violence too, to all, you do or die


Screams of no reply

They lie

Screams of no reply

And die, they die


Let them do or die

For they die

Let them no reply

For they die...



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