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I was just looking at sharatan's Album of the Day thread and I just remembered that there were some neat stuffs that I can buy here in Red Deer, AB. Problem is that I don't have a turn table and am not planning to buy one anytime soon. There were these three shops (2 record/CD stores and one resale shop) that I always go to and I see alot of good stuffs in there. Some may not be in mint condition but hey....


Anyone interested, pm me or just reply to this thread and I'll try to look for what you're searching for. At the top of my head right now is Celtic Frost's Morbid Tales and if I remember it right, it's still in this "hard" plastic (or whatever you call that). I won't charge you but for the exact amount of the item and the S&H. I'm just asking that you transfer it to CD and send me a copy.


I know that I maybe digging myself a hole here. You might ask for some of the rarest titles out there and I might just fall flat but I'm willing to do some searching for you, guys.




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