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Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show - Preview for this week!

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Hey everyone!


Another week is upon us, and that means a brand new edition of the Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show is comin' your way!


Here's a little "preview" of what to expect on this week's show;


- It's the 3rd part in the Eonian Records series. I will be featuring songs from Pistol Dawn's album, "Conversation Piece". If you're a fan of sleazy rock n' roll, you're going to love Pistol Dawn!


- I've got a ton of great new music lined up as well!

I'm going to play a couple songs off of the long awaited release from the "super-group", Freakshow! I also threw in new music from Jeff Scott Soto's new album, "Beautiful Mess"...along with some new Helix as well!


- Tora Tora actually recorded a 3rd album, "Revolution Day".. but it was never officially released! I did a little bit of digging and will be featuring a song from it on the show!


- Also, I've got a good number of your requests! Requests for; Roxy Blue, Krokus & Motley Crue are granted!



All that and so much more will be featured on the Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show this week! So break out that leather, put on those stiletto's & tease your hair to the sky once again!


You have 4 different chances to catch it....and remember, while you're listening, join me in the chat room on each of the sites as well!


Here's a look at the COMPLETE schedule/air times for the show;


Tuesday at 6pm ET/5pm CT on www.purerockradio.net

Wednesday at 9pm ET/8pm CT on www.rockin-mayhem-radio.com

Saturday at 4pm ET/3pm CT on www.dyhardradio.com

Saturday at 8pm ET/7pm CT on www.smokintunz.net



Courtesy of www.hairbangersradio.ning.com



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