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Iron Maiden - Flight 666

Dark Star

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Saw this on Blabbermouth, and I MUST see this!!! :headbanger:


IRON MAIDEN Takes Off: Sneak Peek At Soon-To-Be-Released Documentary - Mar. 14, 2009

Mark Levine of Huffington Post has written an in-depth look at "Iron Maiden: Flight 666", the forthcoming feature-length documentary film which follows the IRON MAIDEN bandmembers on the first leg of their "Somewhere Back In Time World Tour" in February and March of 2008 as they experienced the most ambitious and adventurous trek in rock history. An excerpt from the article follows below.


"You've never experienced 'The Trooper' or 'Run To The Hills' until you've heard IRON MAIDEN perform them in front of 15,000 screaming Muslim metalheads in Dubai. Or so I thought as I stood in the middle of an ecstatic crowd in the sands of the Dubai Desert Rock Festival a few miles outside of the city center in the middle of a crowd of fans who knew every word to every song the band played. So powerful was the sense of community and shared identity the band's music brought to the audience on a hot March evening in 2007 that many audience members were crying.


"Standing only a few hundred miles from Iraq, in a region that has experienced more than its share of colonialism, oppression, and meaningless violence, it seemed natural that the complex and ambivalent visions of war, death and imperialism that characterizes some of MAIDEN's most famous songs would be more resonant in the Middle East than almost any other place on earth.


"Or so I thought.


"Last Thursday night I learned how myopic my vision of IRON MAIDEN's impact has been. I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a screening of the soon-to-be released documentary, 'Flight 666', produced by the team of Scott McFayden and Sam Dunn, who've seemingly singlehandedly brought the power of metal to the world's attention with their films 'Metal: A Headbanger's Journey' and 'Global Metal'.


"'Flight 666' is not merely a concert film, although there is more than enough music to keep even the most ardent MAIDEN fan head banging throughout its two hours.


Read the entire article from the Huffington Post.


Here's the trailer...


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