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sample http://www.suncityrecords.com/Pages/Bands/...20Surrender.mp3




Australian re-issue label Suncity Records have announced a new signing - Jet Red. From the label comes this update: "As time has gone on, Suncity Records has grown in stature, allowing us to attract bigger and better acts. It's been about 2-3 years of on and off negotiations with the Jet Red boys and finally we have got them digging through the old studios, where these tracks were originally recorded. We stuck in there and we wound up hunting down the original masters and let me tell ya, they sound amazing!!


Most rockers will know Jet Red for their self-titled debut album released on Relativity/Sony Records in 1989. The debut offered some catchy and tasty tunes, but paper-thin production values prevented the band from major success. So, like any proud band when backed into a corner and up against a wall, Jet Red rebounded and came out swinging with their very own, self-produced second album titled Flight Plan. In the time between albums, Jet Red's brand of AOR/Hard Rock became quite unfashionable and therefore Relativity/Sony dropped the band resulting in Flight Plan being shelved for all this time.


Flight Plan will include the full 11 tracks that were to be the second album plus 3 bonus tracks that Marty did with the band right at the start PLUS this package will include a bonus DVD of a killer live show that the boys did in San Jose in the early 90's. All that for the same price of US$18.00!


Here is your chance to get a sneak peek of what Flight Plan is all about, featured here is the stunning track "I Surrender" taken from the soon be released Flight Plan. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Jet Red - I Surrender.



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    • I think most people know my stance on these two. I love LA Guns and think Tracii is one of the best guitarists to come out of the hair metal scene, and while I like Stryper I have really gone off them due to Michaels compulsion to release new material every second Wednesday. I have not bought the last 2 or 3 Stryper albums, and a bunch of other stuff he is involved in because of this. Hell, didnt even pick the first Sunbomb album up til early this year and only then it was because I got it for £5 instead of the usual £13 to £15 that Frontiers CDs usually cost. That album did not impress me. Musically it was tight but Sweets vocals were pretty "meh", and sounds like they are gonna be even worse on this album. Have to agree to what has already been said, but I can barely even understand what he is singing. Now while I am fine with listening to foreign language songs, if a singers native tongue is English, I wanna be able to understand what he is singing. Fuck me, there are death metal bands out there easier to understand than this. If I didnt know the song title, I would think it was called I'm bating bulls yeah
    • That Sunbomb release was soo bad that I can't believe there's gonna be another one.
    • Computer generated Gene is now God of Thunder 
    • Sorry, but those vocals are not good at all...
    • More info about Good Times Music: Welcome to Good Time Music…if you have found your way over here, it’s surely because you have a desire for melodic hard rock and AOR…or at least to satiety your curiosity, what we are all about . We will shortly announce our first signed band and one more will follow soon. We hope to be a landmark with the community and bring nothing but the best within the genres. To start off with we’ll release about 4 releases pr year. And with the love and support by you, the fans, we will hopefully gradually add to our rosters over the time to come. We will for sure be a force to be reckoned with and we are here to stay for good. Welcome onboard to all on this amazing journey we are about to engage in . Best, Carsten/CEO/President Good Time Music
    • It’s not a “you” problem; I could barely make out a word while listening to “Unbreakable” last night. A lyric video is definitely necessary when listening to MS these days. Still, even not having a clue what he was singing for the most part, this is better than pretty much everything off the first Shitbomb album. 
    • Enjoying this one, for defs their best release and they wear their influences firmly on their sleeves , mixing bands like Van Halen/Whitesnake/Treat/Pretty Maids/Magnum so whats not to like  
    • I didn't make the connection until a couple of days ago. This is the previous group of Tobias from Nestor.        
    • I miss the days when I could actually understand what Michael Sweet was singing.  Not sure if that's a "me" problem or a "Sweet" problem...
    • Lyric video for 'Unbreakable'.    
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