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Time Warp Records?

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Has anyone ever heard of this? from Italy


They state everything was released 2003/2004 (3-4 years ago)

But I cant find anyone anywhere who has heard of them (Germany, Italy, Switzerland)

You would think this stuff would have surfaced BY NOW in some of the Euro Metal Marts but nothing.


Strange, Anyone have anything on this?

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Guest trendfabrik.com
Time Warp Records - Has anyone ever heard of this? from Italy


A bootleg label, same as Rock It Records, comes from Italy or probaly US. I think you can ask Vegascds on ebay ....

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I guess someone thought they were smart.


It looks like they took the Greek approach to bootlegging:


Start a new label name every 10-20 releases.

State they are from a different country other then your own.

Print a older date on them (say 4-8 years old).

Never state you are selling new CD's (must be an older reissue) even though they were never on CD before and are all new and mint.


WOW that seams to be the plan that really works

Since I can name close to 10 different label names and 200 CD's

And I cant seam to name 1 that was ever stopped or even questioned


Hell 200 x 100 = 20000 Boots.

And I know the Greek 3/1 CD's were pressed in Qty of 500


Thats a HELL of a lot of boots out there


Somebodys gettin RICH

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