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Anyone dealt with this trader?

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Anyone here ever deal with a guy name Andrew Caldwell of Georgia. He goes by the user name MELODICA @ melodicrock.com message trade fourms. I traded him a CD for 2 cdrs of a Journey live boot about 10 days ago. Now i am in no way worried that i have not recieved my cdrs from him yet BUT what urks me is this guy will not respond to my 3 private messages or 2 emials i have sent him .The last email i send him was telling him i had mailed his CD that day, he never replied when or if he mailed my cdrs. So after about 7 days i send him a email asking if "he" got the CD from me and that i would let him know when my cdrs from him arrive, no response, sooo i sent him a private message @ MR asking him the same, still no response after 2 pms 3 days apart. Also this guy posted at MR "after" i sent my PM to him there wanting covers for a cdr he got on another trade. So i fugure he has seen my PM to him but will not reply. Again i am in no way worried about not getting the CD yet BUT i have always maintained that good "communication" between traders/buyers is Crucial to a good trade. I've done 69 trades now online and have always had great communications with people up till this one. I mean how hard is it to reply to an email or PM?


P.S here is his trade web site http://www.freewebs.com/melodic_rokker/


Thanks for all the good trades "here" guys.



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